Bre Faucheux – The Problem with Diversity in Books

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While Bre was initially a liberal, she eventually discovered Alt-Right videos on YouTube, which led her to question everything she had been taught. The growing prevalence of anti-White rhetoric in the West also forced her to realize that diversity threatens the very existence of ethnic Europeans worldwide. Bre joins us for a lively conversation on race, identity, and multiculturalism. We then discuss Bre’s YouTube video, “The Problem With Diversity in Books”, which triggered thousands of liberals, and listen to a few amusing responses from some of them. anti-White diversity feminine men Feminism multiculturalism race race realism White genocide White men White womenBre is an author and YouTuber. We begin by discussing her background, including her education and how she came to be red-pilled. A video version of this interview is available in our TV section. Our show also explores the West’s ongoing demographic transformation, MGTOW, and feminism.