Erica – What Is White Identity?

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We play a few clips from the Q&A portion of Richard’s recent appearance at Texas A&M, and comment on the mentality of the average college student today. We discuss the importance of identity in the modern world – especially for people of European heritage. Our show concludes with a discussion on the fact that women in the West, despite what feminists might say, are far better off than in any other part of the world – especially the Middle East. Erica then describes her journey to the Alt-Right, telling us that her interest in Donald Trump led to the discovery of Richard Spencer, Millennial Woes, and so forth. A video version of this show is available in our TV section. We begin by discussing the role of women in the Alt-Right, and clear up some common misconceptions about traditional women. alt-right America Europeans Feminism Islam Middle East traditional women White identity White interests White peopleErica is a Florida-based, 26-year-old White identity advocate known for her Twitter commentary on social and political issues.