Reactionary Jew – Is it Possible for Jewish Nationalists & European Nationalists to Work Together?

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We’ll discuss Reactionary Jew’s Orthodox upbringing, red-pill process, and eventually dive into current events and modern politics. alt-right America anti-White Christianity Europe Islam Israel Jewish identity Jewish Imperialism Jewish influence Jews White interests ZionismReactionary Jew is a prominent, although presently anonymous, money-lender, cultural critic, and Talmudic scholar based out of New York City. Just kidding. His new publication, The Jewish Alternative, along with its sister podcast, The Skype Chat, hopes to encourage Jews to support European nationalism, be stronger nationalists for their own kind, move to Israel where they belong, and serve as a bridge between right-wing Jews and the White Alt-Right. Both a persecuted minority and, as integral founding members of Judeo-Christian civilization, the greatest ally of Europeans, Jews have the historical obligation of helping Whites to achieve diversity and cultural enrichment in their nations. A proud dual citizen of the United States and Israel, Reactionary Jew has devoted his career to social justice and diversity in the United States – the greatest strengths of any free and liberal society. Reactionary Jew is proud to carry on this tradition of social improvement. We’ll also question if it’s possible to create a bridge between Jewish nationalists and European nationalists. Actually, Reactionary Jew is a nationalist who wants a strong ethnostate for his own people, which isn’t bound by foreign aid, isn’t a fulcrum of Western foreign policy, and exists alongside successful, homogenous, high-trust, traditional white countries as part of the broader Global North. His thoughts on how to promote diversity and enrichment while ending systemic racial, sexual and gender colonial oppression can be found at